Looking forward, and back

Less than two weeks left as a pseudo-Rochesterian… In a way, I can’t wait for this period to be over… I am sick of being a student, and graduation looks very appetizing right now.. But some of the most important and exciting memories I have accrued to date are firmly rooted in this town.. I guess these feelings are combined reflection, hope, and dread… I am going to miss this place, but I don’t think I would want to stay any longer either…

In other news, I finished my Senior Seminar paper last night…. It sucks, but it is a decent effort… I just didn’t feel interested in the topic whatsoever, so my brain didn’t engage that well…

I am feeling a little sick to my stomach today, I think the stress is breaking me once again… I just need to hold out a little longer… I spent some time on Monday straightening out my desk and other belongings in preparation of my departure.. I have a lot of crap, but it could be worse (as anyone that witnessed the departure of Chris after her graduation can attest.

3 thoughts on “Looking forward, and back

  1. I think your presence on floor will be greatly missed. We will all be sad to see the semi-nightly Sean Graham Show leave, but we’ll be looking forward to the Sean Graham Special?s whenever you come back to visit us. Enjoy the time that you have left on floor. =o)


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