Not quite a waste of time, but still….

Earlier today I had to go fax a letter to my Insurance Company to tell them to cancel my policy. I decided to take a walk over to the new Print & Postal Hub in the Crossroads building. I hadn’t had a chance to really explore the new building, and I only had a few minutes between classes to send the fax. The guy there was very nice and helpful, and while I waited for the fax to go through, we started talking about random stuff..

CSH purchased an arcade machine towards the end of the summer. It was in pretty beat-up condition, but it was only $100… So James Kieliszek has been working on refurbishing it (it has been a very tedious process). He recently completed a refinishing of the entire control surface (lots of sanding and painting), and it looks beautiful. He did up a new design for a replacement marquee (the top glass on the arcade machine), and so it occured to me that this print shop might be able to help. I asked the guy, and he is able to print 40″ wide pages and as long as you need… He can also print on to this rad translucent paper in that size… So I figured we could print the marquee on that paper and attach it to (plexi)glass.

I got back after class and talked to James, and we decided to walk over there, print the stuff out, and grab some chow at the new eatery. We walked over there, but unfortunately, the guy I had talked to earlier had left and some student was working. He didn’t know how to work the printer, so it was kind of a wasted trip… But the food at the Crossroads is pretty good, and the atmosphere in the eating area is really cool. So it wasn’t a total waste, and James and I are going to try again tomorrow afternoon, so….

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