Case Study: Homo Sapien Progressing from Snots to Coughing

I am feeling less congested today, but it has progressed into a bit of a cough…. That is usually the beginning of the end for me though, so I hope to be done with this cold soon. This weekend I have to whip up a Lab Report for Chem, a short essay for Senior Seminar, and that’s about it (fortunately). I need to cool down this weekend and get a bit of relaxation, because this was a stressful week.

Ran some errands this morning, nothing too exciting. Had some Taco Bell for lunch, which was cool. I used to eat a lot more Taco Bell back “in the day”, but haven’t had much of it lately (which isn’t a bad thing). The good news is that the Rochester bell that usually completely bones up my order got it completely correct today! In fact, my general bad luck with getting my order screwed up at any eating establishment seems to have been suspended lately.

One thought on “Case Study: Homo Sapien Progressing from Snots to Coughing

  1. man, i haven’t been to taco bell in a long time. i think i will go there a little later on… but right now, i feel shitty, so i’m not goin anywhere.

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