Smelly, Hairy, and Pissed Off

Ok, Today is a bothersome chore day. I planned on doing laundry this morning, so I did soon after I arose from my coma-like slumber. Upon returning to the newly-reopened “Sol He-Man Laundry Room”, I noticed that one of the brand new (in operation for 3 days) dryers completely failed to dry my clothes. Which means I have to sit around for another hour. :P Fortunately, the other dryer accomplished its mission, so I will finally execute my plans to take a shower now that I have some underwear to throw on.

I have a 3pm appointment to get a haircut at the place on campus. I have only gone there a few times, and they have never done a poor job (but not great either). The main chick that works there is Monica Lewinsky’s Doppelganger, which is always lends a bit of humor to the overall haircut chore.

I spent a little while last night setting up the Drink Perforce Repository now that we finally received our license from them. The source is now publically readable and browsable; More information is available here.

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