Just keep telling yourself, it’s almost over

I am not looking forward to sunrise for two reasons…. First of all, it is the start of another schoolweek. But the more immediate concern is that Monday is my long day, beginning at 7am and ending at 6pm… But, it isn’t the end of the world, right?

I just finished talking to Chris for awhile…. It’s always good to talk to her (even when it’s about not good things… but it wasn’t tonight). Anyway, she usually manages to raise my spirits, and tonight was no exception… I was feeling rather down most of the day, but I am better now.

Jon did me a favor and took me out to the Bank to unload some christmas loot, and also to Blockbuster to purchased the aforementioned DVD. I would have used the gift card for rentals, but it is difficult to rent movies and return them without a car, and I don’t want to guilt someone into taking me places (“but these movies are due back today….”), and on top of that, NetFlix does a better job as a rental house anyway.

Time for beddy-bye…..

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