Time to take a shower….

I just woke up a little whlie ago, and am about to jump in the wet room. I have been screwing around with the Jabber Instant Messaging system this morning. It seems kinda neat, since it not only supports their own open-standard, open-source, XML based messaging protocol, but when you connect to one of their servers, it also acts like a ‘proxy’ to AIM, ICQ, MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, etc. So you can have one unified client to communicate on many different networks.

I am not a big fan of ICQ or AIM, but I have recently been forced into using them.. :) So I figured it would at least need some geek-factor… :P

2 thoughts on “Time to take a shower….

  1. hey, i didn’t force you into it. perhaps if you’d keep your damn messages on when you’re logged into the house systems, i wouldn’t have suggested that you get an account on AIM. =P

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