Just a Wee Bit More of My Life Wasted….

That goddamned Astro Lab is going to kill me someday. First, our professor wanted to do a Parallax lab, so we walked across campus so we could see the horizon of the city, except when we got over there, she informed us that she hadn’t thought to consider visibility, and since it is very foggy out, that lab was a scrub. So we walked all the way back to the lab.

Then, she decides that the lab she is going to have us do is the longest lab of the quarter, even though we have already lost 30 minutes (out of 110) dicking off on our field trip. So we start working on it, and we ask the TA Katie (who is way-cool) a question, which she answered improperly. We went on, collecting data for a good 20 minutes until our prof told us we were wrong. Katie went and helped us catch up because she felt bad, and we only lost about 10 minutes there, not so bad.

So, we continue to collect data from this stupid simulation software. Now, even though this software is a simulation, using data tables internally, if you are taking 5 integrations of 100 seconds each, it actually takes 500 seconds. Now I don’t mind real experiments taking time, but a freakin’ simulation? sigh…

So we collect all this data, and the professor questions one of our results, and upon verification, we were correct. She proceeded to question our results (1 out of 7 was incorrect, and that was gathered by another team). I was really pissed, and I let her know it. She asked us to recheck a result (for the 3rd time now), and I just told her no.

We had to do up a few graphs and stuff to finish off the lab, and we ended up walking out of the lab about 5 minutes late (or 9:55). In reality, the lab wouldn’t have taken more than an hour if she was a wee bit more prepared.

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