Brain Function Resumed

Wow, what a difference a weekend makes!

James was up this weekend for the Moby concert. The concert was one of the best I have been to. James and I showed up a good hour early on Friday, and we got right up front. The opening band came out right on time, and they were OK. They suffered from the “Standing Around In Front of Synths” disease that makes most electronic bands boring live. But musically they were cool, even if alot of it was canned.

Conversely, Moby was all over the place. He came out on stage, ran around, sang, played guitar, keyboards, and bongos. Let me tell you something: Moby is a bad mother on the bongos… :) He played what seemed a 2 hour set, and it was entertaining the whole time. That is what live music is all about… :)

Back to work now, studying for exams this week, and meeting with my Operating Systems 2 group to plan our strategy for doing Virtual Memory. On top of that, patpat has issued another one of his programming contests. This one is totally interesting, and has definately piqued my interest. Fortunately, the deadline is in December, so I have some time to play with it after classes cool down a bit…

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