eternal mysteries of life

I have proposed this question to many people, yet have not been able to ascertain an answer.

Why don’t people work from the top down when they are taking a shower? When I take a shower, I wash my hair last. You would think that this doesn’t make sense; You are washing all the nastiness out of your hair and when you wash out your hair, it just runs down your “clean” body. I mean, I am no clean-freak or anything, but this simply doesn’t make sense. And other people have told me that they follow the same pattern.

I mean, I am not going to change and start washing my hair first, but it is something that has left me in mystery for quite some time.

3 thoughts on “eternal mysteries of life

  1. hmm. Yah. i do that too.. hehe

    i do have this shampoo stuff that requires that you leave it in your hair for a few minutes, so i usually use that first, but then i rinse last… so i dunno..

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