Further Back & Faster

I’ve had alot of busy lately, whether it’s for class, work, or fun. Most of the fun stuff has gotten far too low of a priority, but I don’t see that changing in the next few weeks (with the deadline at work, and the projects for class, and all). It is cool, however, that I am not tied to hours that are set in stone for work though… It is nice to be able to work whenever I find time (even if that means 1 am).

The aforementioned bug from a few days ago turned out to be no big deal. Somewhere in between betas a config file was lost. Most of the testers had the file from a previous beta release, but since I reinstalled everything a few weeks ago, and I started with the latest beta, I didn’t get the file, and therefore my machine was wide open. It has been corrected.

I have to pee.

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