Mozilla. For all the shit it catches in the press, I am amazed at how stable and useful it is. I have been grabbing the nightly builds for some time now, but since I have been home on my dad’s machine, I have been using it exclusively (because my dad doesn’t want NS installed; he is an IE weenie now).

Anyway, it rarely crashes on me (remember, it isn’t even beta yet), and it screams. I can’t wait until this is rock solid.

5 thoughts on “Mozilla

  1. no kidding

    i’m loving it.

    i got impatient last week waiting a whole day for nightlies so i started building it from cvs every few hours…. i’m hooked.

    1. Re: no kidding

      Wow! How do you manage that? Even on my Dual P2-350 I find myself letting it build for a good hour and change each time I build it…

      1. Re: no kidding

        what’s your processor usage when you’re building it?

        i’m not sure gmake does a wonderful job at utilizing multiple processors … or the make file has to setup to do it well. or i could be talking out of my ass since I really know nothing about it. i have 3 servers that are SMP and shit seems to build fast on them, but that could just because they have a gig of RAM and have faster CPUs each than my home machine.

        but yeah, it does take like an hour or so sometimes to build … i can still squeeze in a few builds a day. :)

        1. Re: no kidding

          My processors are quite pegged the whole time.. If you set the environment variable MAKE_FLAGS (i believe) to ‘-jx’ it sets the number of concurrent jobs make spawns when compiling (replace X with your favorite number, I use number of processors + 1).

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