Music Review: Secret Chiefs 3 “First Grand Constitution and Bylaws”

Ok, I admit it… I am addicted to Mr. Bungle… One of the great things about Mr. Bungle is that the music generated by the band is not only interesting and diverse, but the band members are involved in many different side projects that cover a large spectrum of musical styles. The most visible member of Mr. Bungle, lead singer Mike Patton, has involved himself in many projects. Fortunately, the other members of Bungle have done so as well. This review is of a release from one of those side projects, the Secret Chiefs 3.

Secret Chiefs 3 is a project headed up by Bungle guitarist Trey Spruance, and also featuring Bar McKinnon, Trevor Dunn, and Danny Heifetz. While you can still see some Bungle poke through, this album definately stands on its own. While it has a strong middle-eastern influence (witness Track 2), the album still manages to straddle many fences; There are obviously many different influences (Film Scores, Pop, and Metal, to name a few).

The disc I purchased was a reissue of the original disc, which was released on Amarillo (which went out of business). The reissue is on Mimicry Records, which is the record label owned by Trey. I actually ordered two of their discs when they were reissued, and have been happy with both. Much like the work of Bungle proper, this album keeps my ears and mind interested most of the time, which is saying alot in todays barren wasteland of pre-fab pop. I strongly suggest that if you appreciate eclectic music, or are simply willing to experiment, to check out the band. If you like what you hear, go support an independent artist…

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