It’s hard to look through a telescope when it is covered by a tarp.

Stellafane was somewhat of a bust, all things considered. While it was great to see Dad, Chuck, and Johnny again, the weather was less than savory. I would say that Stellafane is much less fun when you spend most of it under a tarp.

Friday night was fairly clear until 1am, which provided some nice viewing, but Saturday was overcast most of the day, and towards the end of the day it poured, which really sucked. I ended up going to bed at 9pm just to get out of the rain.

Oh, did I fail to mention that my car still overheats?!?!? Most of the way up and all the way back I had to stop every 50 miles or so to let the car cool off for awhile. That’s 3 times that Mr. Joe Legno told me the same problem was fixed and it hasn’t been… He will be hearing from me. :)

Chuck started back for NJ a little while ago, which is why I am into work so early today. The office is VERY hot this morning, I pressed the override button for the thermostat, hopefully it will cool down soon. I suspect that the cooling is just busted, and it will probably take weeks to fix.

My roommate, Jon Parise is allegedly visiting today, for a week or so, which is way-cool. It is always fun to geek-out with Jon, and it will be nice to get to hang out with him without the pressures of classes getting in the way.

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