Your Mind Belongs to the State

My parents left this afternoon, after a nice breakfast at the Highland Park Diner (the closest thing I have found to a real diner here in Rochester).

I have to say that Rochester is really grating on me lately, I guess it is simply all the recent negativity in my life compounded, and Rochester doesn’t provide anything to counter that, especially during the summer. I feel really lonely, but I have quite a few people around me… I can’t really figure it out….

I have to burn a few MP3 cd’s to use on the trip to Vermont on Friday. I don’t know when I am going to do this, because it takes quite awhile to rip, encode, and burn the discs.

One thought on “Your Mind Belongs to the State

  1. i’m sorry that rochester sucks….

    you really should move to cali when you graduate…this coast needs more crackheads like yourself ;)


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