Metti una sera a cena

Mike Felice is visiting Rochester for a few days, for the CSH orientations, and he is crashing at our place. This is good because Mike can cook, and he is hooking us up with some Chicken Franchaise (sp?).

Tonight we get to watch Junkyard Wars. Between Junkyard Wars and Iron Chef, I don’t know how much better television can get. I can’t wait until Junkyard is a regular show… :)

Right now I am just chilling at work, working on some DTD’s and listening to some Faith No More. Right now that is the only MP3 cd that I have which functions properly in my player. The rest of my CD’s are older, and I haven’t gotten around to figuring why the older ones don’t work. Perhaps I will look at that tonight.

I am also expecting to get two “Secret Chiefs 3” cd’s in the mail soon (“First Grand Constitution and Bylaws” and “Second Grand Constitution and Bylaws”). I hadn’t heard much of SC3, but I bought the CD’s knowing I like the work of the bandmembers (SC3 is a sideproject of Mr. Bungle members Trey Spruance, Trevor Dunn, Danny Heifetz, and Bar McKinnon, with other talented musicians on more of a ‘rolling’ roster). I never really get nervous when I blindly buy CDs, because even if they suck, they expose me to new music usually, and I can always sell them used. Last night, however, I found a site that was Webcasting a SC3 live performance. Somehow, after seeing/listening to that, I can’t imagine that the CDs will disappoint me.

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