Didja ever have one of those days?

I go to Calc yesterday, and find out I tanked the Calc 3 exam… I am considering dropping the class now; After seeing the profs grading style (very little partial credit), and talking with him a few times, I don’t see myself eeking through the course. I am going to talk with him again on Monday, and ask him whether or not I should continue. Hopefully he can provide insight, although he has been pretty useless in the ‘advice and help’ department up through now.

I get home from class, and there is nothing to eat, so I go to Wegmans. I decide on Cheese Steaks, and purchase all the necessary items. When I go to get rolls, there are no Sub rolls, no Sausage rolls, hell, no hotdog rolls. So I reluctantly purchased hamburger rolls to fit the bill…

When I get home from Wegmans, (roommate James) tells me “Sean, Bad News: Just after you left before, I heard this god-awful noise. The stereo turned itself up to 80 and it sounds like your two front speakers are hosed”. And, they are hosed.

Just when you think things can’t get worse, they always do. I am the first to admit I haven’t been very chipper this summer, but stuff like this isn’t making things any better. I usually have a very positive outlook on things in my life, but this whole Calculus thing really has me feeling like a failure. Why is it that a non-major course is the one that is giving me the most trouble?

5 thoughts on “Sigh…

  1. classes and stuff

    When i was taking classes, my non-major classes
    were the ones that gave me the most trouble.
    personally, I don’t understand why CS peoples need
    to take calc 3 if it doesn’t apply to their focus.

    It doesn’t make any sense to me.

    Anything i can do for ya, dude?

  2. I think that calc is not for you

    Dear Sean, I think that you should give up your battle with calc three. As someone who knows you and your immense intelect, this class is just not for you. You are very smart, but not everyone is good at everything. Besides it may be genetic, from what I know, your family is not exactly a bunch of math wizards either.
    Tatyana G.

  3. Calculus

    Hey hoser,
    I hope you can find a way to get through this course, if you drop it you’ll only have to take it again.

    In any case, have a good weekend.

    By the way, how did the stereo turn itself up?

    Guess hoo

  4. mcc

    Looks like I might get the room to myself being you’ll be spending nights in class over at MCC (not really all that bad of an option). =)

  5. calculus

    Ok- I was the first person to try to respond to this crazy concept and “where am I”..I now apparently have my own journal..who asked for it?? I can’t figure this out so I guess it’s my form of Calc, eh?? Hopefully we can come up with a solution to this mess…any chance we can get Tanya to clone us a “mathematical brain” for short term rental…we could share….Hope Chuck made it up this weekend to provide some levity!! Talk to you soon….Hug to you….Ma.

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