Small World

A few years ago, and I went into Newton to see A Mighty Wind at the Newton cinema. On the way there, I look over and in the car next to me is Matt Kenslea, one of the sales guys from Rovia (where I used to work). We chit-chatted it up a bit at a stop light and then went on our merry way.

Last night, Corinna wanted a few supplies and accessories for her bicycle, so we went to a bike shop, and on the way back we stopped at the Bertucci’s in Newton. We were sitting around waiting for our service, as they were very busy, and I look up and see Matt Kenslea standing there getting a table for his family. I went up and talked to him for a few minutes, we updated each other on where we were working these days, and the usual “haven’t seen you in ages” conversation bits. I know Matt lives in Newton, but I don’t venture into Newton all that often, so it is surprising to have run into him again… I miss (most) everyone from Rovia….

1 degree of separation

So I was amidst my morning wake-up ritual (which involves reading all of my daily newspages), and I get to mozillaZine. I notice a story about a modification of Mozilla’s modern skin, and I click on the screenshot. It definately looks better, but I also noticed where that screenshot was hosted: Neurons fire: “Hey, I went to highschool with Joe Hewitt”. I look at the main index for the site, and eventually the Bio, and it turns out that my friend from high school is now in California working for Netscape. So I dropped him a note because I haven’t talked to him in a few years..