Moving data like it’s my job

I just applied for YAP (yet another position). This company might be cool, but it’s always hard to tell… They had some clever questions on their posting, but it’s sometimes hard to tell the cool companies apart from the ones trying to be cool.

I did a few hours of consulting work for CYA, helping out my former coworkers figure out some hairy code that was never properly documented. I was praised on how well-documented my code was and I take it as a matter of pride that they didn’t have to contact me for months… I always thought I was doing a good job, and the fact that they were able to pick up my code (which nobody but me and Adam ever really touched) and follow and improve upon it is a good thing IMHO. Of course, I guess if I my code was more obtuse I would have gotten more consulting work, but I would rather have my legacy be a bunch of readable, good code than a bunch of shit spaghetti.

Corinna stopped by for a bit today in between work and her dancing class, which was cool. I’ve been spending most of this evening doing laundry (which is now complete) and backing up data on morimoto so I can rebuild that machine as I mentioned before. 100G of data is alot, however, so it is taking awhile to shuffle it around and burn it to DVD-RW.

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