Smelly, Hairy, and Pissed Off

Ok, Today is a bothersome chore day. I planned on doing laundry this morning, so I did soon after I arose from my coma-like slumber. Upon returning to the newly-reopened “Sol He-Man Laundry Room”, I noticed that one of the brand new (in operation for 3 days) dryers completely failed to dry my clothes. Which means I have to sit around for another hour. :P Fortunately, the other dryer accomplished its mission, so I will finally execute my plans to take a shower now that I have some underwear to throw on.

I have a 3pm appointment to get a haircut at the place on campus. I have only gone there a few times, and they have never done a poor job (but not great either). The main chick that works there is Monica Lewinsky’s Doppelganger, which is always lends a bit of humor to the overall haircut chore.

I spent a little while last night setting up the Drink Perforce Repository now that we finally received our license from them. The source is now publically readable and browsable; More information is available here.

Just keep telling yourself, it’s almost over

I am not looking forward to sunrise for two reasons…. First of all, it is the start of another schoolweek. But the more immediate concern is that Monday is my long day, beginning at 7am and ending at 6pm… But, it isn’t the end of the world, right?

I just finished talking to Chris for awhile…. It’s always good to talk to her (even when it’s about not good things… but it wasn’t tonight). Anyway, she usually manages to raise my spirits, and tonight was no exception… I was feeling rather down most of the day, but I am better now.

Jon did me a favor and took me out to the Bank to unload some christmas loot, and also to Blockbuster to purchased the aforementioned DVD. I would have used the gift card for rentals, but it is difficult to rent movies and return them without a car, and I don’t want to guilt someone into taking me places (“but these movies are due back today….”), and on top of that, NetFlix does a better job as a rental house anyway.

Time for beddy-bye…..

Damn that television, What a bad picture…

Why the hell am I still seeing Christmas ads? This is freaking bizarre, isn’t it bad enough they start before Thanksgiving, now they are keeping them past Christmas? Idiots.

I am studying for a upcoming Calc exam late this week. I figure it has been a few hours, I will take a break for a little while… The wood that my speakers is attached to are making an annoying noise hitting something else at certain frequencies (and volumes, heh heh). I haven’t listened to this CD in a while, it is still damn good.. :P

A bunch of people, including My Roommate, Jon Parise went skiing today. I am disappointed I couldn’t go, but I was trying to be responsible by staying home and using that time to prepare for the exam on Thursday…

RIT’s network is designed by an enormous smelly monkey

One might ask why, upon waking this morning, I had to change my gateway to point to CSH’s HSRP interface on the router? One would think that hell, that should all be transparent. That I should continue to have .254 set as my gateway and that HSRP would take care of any mess if necessary.

One would think that if there wasn’t a gigantic freaking idiot at the helm.

But, don’t worry…. I am sure there is currently a trouble ticket open at Cisco…..

It’s friday, i’m in Rochester

Went to my morning class today, in the snow, and let me tell you, it was well worth it. That class is like novocaine for your mind. Jon is still in bed; I have been trying to be quiet as to let him rest as best as he can, but I am sure that I have unsettled him.. Not much I can do about that…

I have been working on a python module for interacting with drink. Part of reason is that Jon hasn’t been able to get PHP to do sockets right under Solaris (I don’t think it is a high priority for him), and I want a web client for Drink. The other reason is because I wanted to learn the language beyond my fundamental understanding that I had gleaned from seminars at CSH. It is a neat language, and far better than perl, but I don’t see myself using it for some of the more wack uses (like GUI programming).


My nose has a really nasty, annoying, zit on it. I never really have problems with acne, but every once in a while I get a real annoying one in a particularly conspicuous place… It really sucks. :P

Some piece of shit down the hall interrupted my sleeping in with some lousy music. I am gonna have to kick some ass.