Last night before bed I noticed the beginnings of a sore throat, so I popped back some Cold-Eeze. Around 5:00am I woke up with a terrible sore throat, and got up to get some water as well as another lozenge. I went back to bed and tossed and turned but couldn’t fall back asleep, so around 6am I decided to just get up, shower, and get to work. I got to work at 7:15am, which I believe is a new record for me at Goodrich.

I cancelled my subscription to Audible subscription yesterday… I had the plan where you get 1 audiobook and 1 subscription a month (which I used for Car Talk), but I haven’t been listening to the audiobooks during my normal commute, so they’ve been piling up.. I still love their service, and will eventually buy books piecemeal once I plow through my backlog, but the subscription is a bit too much in this age of podcasts… Not to mention Howard Stern… :)

Yesterday I bought a Sirius Satellite Radio receiver for my car with my Christmas cash.. I hadn’t been listening to Howard very reliably during my commute because my commute was just long enough to get two blocks of commercials and one block of content, which was pretty frustrating… I had been eyeing Sirius for a year or two now, but Howard is definitely what pushed me over the edge.. The best part was after I installed it in my car, I turned on Howard 100 and they just so happened to be doing a studio gear test at that moment with most of the crew, so it was like a little preview show. I’ve heard rumblings that the show will still have commercials, which would disappoint me (and probably cause me to drop my subscription, if they were overbearing), but hopefully they won’t be there (or at least won’t be bad). I figured the price of the Sirius subscription is less than what I was paying each month for Audible, so it’s a bit easier to justify. The other reason, besides Howard, was that without listening to the Radio anymore I was discovering less new music, so hopefully this will rectify that as well.


I had a strange question asked of me today… Matt Weaver asked me if I had tried to ‘su -‘ on his machine today… I hadn’t, which opened a huge can of worms that ended up with me (and others) believing that my password was somehow obtained and used without my knowledge by persons unknown. This problem was exacerbated by the fact that I was using the same password on many systems. If the person was a good cracker, they would have covered their tracks, so it’s difficult to tell how long they’ve been at this, but if we are to believe logs it seems like it was only today (er, wednesday).

I do my best to choose good passwords, but I guess I had one bad habit left, which was using the same password on multiple systems… I suspect that many of you reading do this, so I don’t feel so guilty, but still…

Anyway, I have gone through all the Unix systems I have access to (or, at least the ones I remember) and changed my passwords to something unique to each system. I’ve also deleted any ssh keys I had floating around as they can’t be trusted anymore. At least this way if this happens again, using unique passwords on all the various systems will limit the blast radius. If you’re reading, I hope that was fun for you.. (P.S. If I have an account on your machine and I haven’t mailed you, let me know because I might have forgotten about you).

In less aggravating news I saw Henry Rollins tonight doing his Spoken Word act… As always, a wonderful show (although the seats sucked).


I haven’t posted anything in forever…. Well, the past few weeks I have been to NJ, got into a small auto accident, seen DJ Z-Trip, and went to the CSH Welcome Back party… All of which probably merit more details, but I’m feeling
sorta lazy…

I spent all morning moving my stuff from one cube to another…. I’m getting comfortable in my new cube, but someone has to mount my whiteboard to the wall….


It seems like ages since I posted anything here, so here’s a brief recap of the trip to Albuquerque that Coco and I just got back from. Her brother, his wife, and their six children live out there, so we were out to visit them (I had never met any of them before). I don’t plan on recapping Corinna’s post, so if you are really interested check that out.

We had a pretty decent travel experience on the way out there, no delays flying, and other than a wet passenger seat in the first car they tried to stick us with, the rental went OK. We ended up with a Explorer, which was way more than we needed and was really expensive on fuel, but whatever. Her family is cool, but I’m not really used to being around so many kids. The older three kids were pretty easy to deal with, but the younger three (aged 2 and 6 month old twins) were a handful. The two year old, Max, was cute as hell but demanded much of my attention and started moping and crying if I didn’t provide it. The babies I simply don’t know what to do with, so I tried to avoid handling them. =) There’s also the reality of trying to sleep in a household with 3 young children that I haven’t had to deal with since was growing up, which was a long time ago.

We did less of the things one would normally do while on a traditional vacation, but we still had a good time. It was mostly doing things like taking the kids to the park, to the mall, and to Peter Piper Pizza (which is a scaled-down version of Chuck E. Cheese’s). As you’d probably expect, there was a tremendously creepy guy at Peter Piper’s, and I kept an eye on him the whole time I was there until he left alone… I hear that Chuck E. Cheese’s these days give kids and parents matching bracelets and no kid can leave with an adult without the same bracelet.. I think this is a good idea that Peter Piper should steal…

Corinna mentioned that Sonic has good onion rings… This is true, but the rest of their food is tremendously mediocre. The car-hop service is cutesy but stupid, and while the food is cheap, you get what you pay for. I had no idea what to tip the car hop, so I gave her a buck, which was only like 10%.

The trip back was miserable… First things first, my leg didn’t set off the metal detector on the way back either. The first leg of our trip landed a little early, but was delayed at the gate to the point where we were within 10 minutes of missing our connection.. Of course, we get off the plane to find out our connection was delayed an hour. We grab some food, board the plane an hour late, and the plane proceeds to taxi out to some remote part of O’Hare where it sits for another 45 minutes… Once in the air, we were put into a hold over Boston, further delaying our flight… After landing, getting our luggage, and taking the T back to the apartment, Corinna and I didn’t get in until after 11pm, which sucks.

Man, I’m a Bitch

This weekend I was a total slob bitch, and while wanted to hang out with people, I didn’t feel up to it and needed a break, so we stayed home pretty much the whole weekend. I’ve just done something social for what seems like every weekend for a month or two straight, and while some people might be fine with that, the anti-social kernel of my being resists this sometimes. What makes matters worse is that I have plans for the next 4 weekends which involve travel… (Jersey, Rochester, Vermont, New Mexico).

We did go out with the SNFC to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory last night… Want my short review? The creation of this film was pointless exercise.. It didn’t really do anything better than the original film, and while the remake was closer to the text of the book, I think it just missed the mark…

Corinna and I have tickets to a free preview screening of The Devil’s Rejects on Wednesday. We both enjoyed House of 1000 Corpses, so hopefully Mr. Zombie will do a good job again.

I’ve been slowly going through and tagging my entries, starting at the beginning, back in June of 2000. So far I am up to February of 2001, and I’ve been at it for a week or two now.. I have almost 2200 posts total, so this is going to take awhile. The most popular tags are school (73), travel (42), csh (41), and whining (37), but that’s mostly a function of time (I was still in school in 2000-2001, so there are obviously going to be lots of school posts… :P). I suspect at the end of this tagging fiesta whining will win out.