Ornithologists have counted up to 50,000 crows in a single roost

Went climbing last night. I have to say, there are many attractive females who climb. This is a Good Thing®. I believe I have chosen a good pasttime.

Today is a super-lazy saturday here in Rochester. It is beautiful out, but I don’t really feel like doing anything. The past few weekends have been really busy, and it is nice to do nothing for a change.

We are going to do burgers, dogs, and sausage on the grill tonight. That will get me out of the house…

They Came from New Jersey

My parents visited today, and it was great to see them, It’s been far too long…

Other than that, nothing too exciting, i’m tired. Might go climbing with Sean & Kelly tomorrow, but I don’t know when they are going yet… RockVentures closes at 6, and I don’t quite know when the ‘rents are leaving, so…

Music is the amoeba that fills any void in my life, and right now I sure am digging on the Secret Chiefs 3 CDs I recently acquired. The good-fellow James Izzo (aka Thread) sent me an advance of his new CD “Abnormal Love”, and it is as good as I expected. James’ power supply recently exploded (literally), and luckily it didn’t take any of the other equipment inside his computer (or outside, for that matter).

air heated by flames, visualized with single pass Schlieren system

Got belay certified last night at RockVentures, which was fun, but my climbing experience was poor last night; I only made it to the top on one of the climbs I attempted… Perhaps I was just tired.

I received the aforementioned CD’s in the mail yesterday, and so far I have listened to one of the two. I am impressed by what I heard, but I will need a bit longer to form an opinion.

Sean Hammond is coming over and making dinner tonight, and Adam’s girl Molly is going to bring dessert. It will be nice not having to cook at all for a change (even when it isn’t my night to cook, I generally offer my services to help out whoever _is_ cooking).

I am looking forward to my parents visiting tomorrow, ’cause I haven’t seen them since May. They are coming up to plain-ol’ visit, and to check out my apartment in person. Too bad it is only my apartment for a few more weeks, but living CSH isn’t that bad… As I have said several times, my problem with living at CSH isn’t CSH-related, it is dorm-related. I want to live in a slightly larger place, the dorms are so confined. Ah well, it is only for a few more months, right?

Rock Climbing

Adam and Molly have been bugging me to go Rock Climbing since I moved into this apartment. I have come up with some lame excuse or another for weeks as to why I couldn’t go each time. Today, I decided ‘what the hell’, and went with them to RockVentures. I had a blast.

Granted, it was really difficult, but I made it to the top of 3 different climbs, and I only had trouble with one other.

I will probably go again (once my fingertips heal a bit. :P)