On my way!

In a few minutes me and my ‘rents are making the trip to Boston… Amazingly, most of my stuff (save a few books and my Trek fit in the two cars…. I won’t have an ISP for a few days, so you probably won’t hear from me until Tuesday, when I start work.

Back in Jersey

I finished my overnight trip to Boston to move some stuff into my new apartment! On second look at the apartment, it is definately nice, but I was wrong about the “recently redone floors” (they were recently coated, but not sanded). That’s ok thought, because they still aren’t bad. Adam really liked my apartment, and it is only about a 5-10 minute walk from his place, which is way cool too. I am within a 3 minute walk of Cleveland Circle, and therefore lots of other stuff as well. :) Should be a really fun place to live.

Sprint PCS was good about helping me change my service/phone # to a Boston area, but my voicemail is still screwed… I have been trying to work with them for a few days, but no luck…. I assume they will finally straighten it out in a few days (otherwise we will have words.. :P).

Unexpected Surprise

I got my diploma in the mail today! And my final transcripts say that my GPA was a couple of degrees higher than I expected, which is cool as well. :)

I did quite a bit of running around trying to get the Cashier’s Check written for the balance due on my apartment. My grandma loaned me the money, but the check was made out to my father, instead of me. To compensate for this, my parents wrote out a check to me drawn on their account for the same amount. So yesterday, I went and deposited the check in their account, they told me it would take a day for my grandma’s check to clear…. So I had to wait until today.

Today, I went back to said back to cash my parents check, and I asked if I could get a cashier’s check from their bank even though my account wasn’t there. No dice, so I had to cash the check (which involved me sticking a thumb print on the check, which I had never seen before), and I then had to take that money to my bank to get the cashier’s check (nothing is cooler than walking around with a few big boxes of ziti on your person, even if it was only for a limited time. :P). When I get to my bank, they tell me that I first need to deposit the money into my account, and then write out a check to them, so they could write out a check to me (As opposed to giving them the cash, them giving me a check). Not only that, but Fleet charged me $6 for a cashier’s check in Boston, but the local Fleet branch charged me $15….

But ultimately, that is all taken care of now, which is a good thing. :)

Some info changed

Obviously, due to my move, my contact info will be changing in the near future (I am picking up my keys on Thursday). I will do my best to get it to all the people I think care about it, but if you don’t hear from me, just ask (and don’t be offended). CSH members can also look at my Member Profile. I currently know my new address and cell phone #, but I don’t know my new home phone #, so I am waiting to notify people.

I’m going back to boston, to boston, to boston

Around 2pm today I am going to leave for yet another trip to Boston, this time searching for an apartment. I tried to call some of these places yesterday, but all of them were closed for “Patriot’s Day”, which is a holiday that is only celebrated in New England, apparently (I don’t care, I will get it off next year. :P). So I have to make some calls today and set up some appointments tomorrow to look at places. I found a few that I am interested in, but I have to see if they are available now and if they are truly as cool as they looked in phosphor.

I am charging up my MP3 player’s batteries for the trip, and doing some laundry so I don’t have to be a dirtball while I am crashing at Adam and Rory’s. :)


Greetings from New Jersey.

My back hurts, but things are getting into shape slowly…. I think I might be done unfurling my shit for the night and assume a nice recumbent position on my bed while I relax letting my mind rot with some television…

Of course, we all know that this is simply a pipe dream and that I will not be able to relax until everything is in its place.

Captain Jack will cook your fries tonight

Finally starting to feel ‘moved in’ here at CSH. I am not completely done, but I am definately mostly done. The campus is so busy with freshmen and parents that it is almost not worth it to try and move around… :)

I tried to reinstall FreeBSD a little while ago and managed to completely scrog my partition table in the process. I thought I managed to almost completely lose all my data, but some creative fdisking got me back in working order. Perhaps I will use an idiot-proof tool like PartitionMagic to create my FreeBSD partition later.

So I am just chilling now, relaxing after a fairly stressful 24 hours.

NTOSKRNL.EXE can eat me.

My machine BSOD’ed twice today, and it has something to do with my IDE drive…. I will have to figure it out after I get back from California….

I finally finished up my presentation, and I am currently tying up a few loose ends before my trip tomorrow. My presentation ended up not being as bad as I imagined, but I have to brush up on some other technologies that I might be quizzed on when I give it. Luckily I don’t have to go to bat until Tuesday.

I am all moved out, as some of you guys know… It is good in a way, because moving sucks, but now I am kinda a vagrant right now…. My PC is set up here at work so I could finish up my presentation (and so it had a place to live).

It now looks like I might be travelling back to NJ after I get back to Rochacha. It will be good to get home, I haven’t been back since the very beginning of summer.

So that’s it for now… I will try to update when I can on my trip…

it’s not funny, my ass is on fire

I am simultaneously packing, ripping mp3’s, and preparing for the dry-run of my presentation tomorrow… I moved the first batch of crap over to CSH today; I am hiding stuff there until I can get my dorm room key in about a week… :P

I will probably not get to bed for an hour or two, I need to round some edges I found on that presentation, and I am still pretty wired, so…

Oh yeah, when I turn 35, I am running for president.

The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Griswold

I pretty much finished my presentation, but I realize it is going to require some tweaking… Now once I get home from work today I can focus on the next task at hand… packing

Talk about a load of blow. There is one thing I hate more than moving, and that’s moving often. Including this time, I have moved 4 times in the past year. Luckily, this will all end once I graduate…

Time to go ‘wake up’ and get to work….