I am just getting ready for my Calc class later, doing some studying and homework type stuff (we might have a quiz today)…

I have so many projects I want to work on, but I need to get some scholastic stuff out of the way first… My guess is that I won’t be working on AliveJournal until later this week… And since soco will probably be visiting this weekend, I might not have much time to do anything this weekend either….. Oh well, I am happy with the current release of AliveJournal, I haven’t gotten a single bug report about it, so I think that other people agree.. Still, I wish I could crank a few other simple requested features out and roll in some general improvements I have made since 1.5b… But y’all will have to wait. :)

Back to summations and series… :)

Just woke up….

That was a fairly refreshing sleep/wake cycle… :) I just finished reading my mail and my journals, and I should probably finish “getting up” now. My only class today is Calc, so I have time to relax and prepare for that…

I have had some good requests for features in AliveJournal, but I think I have currently resolved to stop using BeXL… I think it is a great tool for designing your GUI and laying out your widgets, but I think once you start writing derived GUI classes, it is too much of a pain to use them with BeXL. You either have to dance around BeXL, editing the source it generates each time it generates it, or write an addon for BeXL, which is a pain when you just need a one-off derived view…

What happens when you are writing a journal entry and the song changes halfway thru? Do you go with the earlier song, the later song, or the song that most accurately represents your feelings? I chose the latter. :)

Sleep is good.

That was a pretty decent sleep cycle… :) It took awhile falling asleep… I spent awhile second guessing decisions yesterday, but I resolved it all and fell asleep. Today I think I should do some laundry. I don’t know what else I am going to work on after that.. I have some things I want to work on with AliveJournal, different features and what-not, but we will see. I need to do an About Box for various reasons, and I have to do one up that isn’t fugly.

I haven’t taken a shower yet… Normally this bothers me, but I think right now it contributes to the “lazing around the house” mood I am in today. I will probably take on after I toss the laundry in…

Elph is neat.

I just got back from seeing Thirteen Days with Lindsay. Sometimes you feel guilty for not spending time with friends, and the past few weekends have caused me to feel that way. I need to realize that there is a life outside of this campus more often…. Anyway, I really enjoyed the film, and Lindsay said she did as well… It clocked in at about 2.5 hours… Between this and Traffic, it seems that Hollywood might be losing its fear of films longer than 90 minutes….

Upon my return to floor I noticed a few emails regarding AliveJournal. People seem to be pleased with version 1.5b, which is good, because I believe it is pretty solid now. For those interested, I started a new community journal named alivejournal to act as a changelog and a way for for me to get some feedback…

My Ol Factory tells me that someone is making Hot Chocolate down the hall, and I am developing a craving… Perhaps a trip downstairs is in order… :) I need some new journal pictures… I don’t know if I even have decent pictures of myself to put there….

Found it!

I finally found the “Hang on LJ Transaction” bug in the AliveJournal code. There is a class ResponseBlockManager that does a really good job of busting the server responses into a hashtable-like gizzer. The class was written by the original author, and is super-useful. Unfortunately there was an assumption in there that would occasionally cause a buffer to get scrogged.

Anyway, I am positive that the “Hang on Login” and the “Writer doesn’t clear after submission” bugs are now squashed…. I am going to package up a fixed version now.. (I also made the “Clear” button actually do something in the WriterWIndow… :P


I stopped waiting for the original author to do something with my patches to the BeOS LiveJournal client, so I decided to clean up everything I had, add a few more features (like posting to alternate journals, using alternate pictures, etc) and release it. AliveJournal was born. I think it is pretty decent software, and I will be continuing to maintain it for some time to come. You can see some screenshots here, if you are interested.

I have Calculus and a Gannett Lecture for Senior Seminar tonight. The last one was a yawner, but I was also really sick at the time. Hopefully it won’t be as bad tonight. :)

Everything’s just a little broken

You can re-release it, you can remix it, but when it comes down to it, bad music is still bad.

It seems that the Sprite slot on the Drink machine sticks and dumps its entire contents out from time to time. Bill and I (the software guys) believe this is a hardware (either mechanical or electronic) problem, and of course, the hardware guys think otherwise. :) The one thing we have going for us is that it is the same slot every time, and all the other slots work fine…

I am fairly certain that the changes I made to the LJ client last night work, but one person replied in the support area saying they still had problems…. I guess I will have to wait and see.