I’ve been wicked antsy the past few days, dunno what’s going on… I’ve been playing Quake 4 with some coworkers and friends a few nights this week… I’m still pretty good, at least in relation to the people I’m playing with.. I thought I was losing my deathmatch twitch skill after years of not using it, but it seems to have returned with a bit of sharpening.. It’s also the first time I’ve really played with a headset. We all sit on Teamspeak and chat it up, which is pretty cool.. Brian (my boss) runs both servers at his house, and the machine (or his net connection) is starting to get bogged down with the amount of players we have, so we will probably have to figure out an alternative server arrangement. I guess we could play on public servers, but it’s also pretty annoying to have random kids curse you out incessantly and follow you around from server to server when you get sick of their shit.

Me == Jackass

Hawkeye has had some tar on his fenders for awhile now, and I finally purchased some tar and bug remover to get it off. The can required me to pry the lid off, a task intended for a screwdriver, but since I didn’t have any handy, and I am impatient, I chose to use a key for. And of course, I chose the tiniest, most fragile key I possessed for this task. My mail key snapped almost instantly, and we don’t have a spare… Fortunately, it was a fairly clean break and the hardware store was able to successfully copy the key. I had a spare made as well, banking on the fact that my stupidity knows no bounds.

My leg checkup the other day went as expected… Progress has been great, same ominous warnings as always (i.e. “you can’t do that much damage to your knee and not have negative repercussions later in life”, etc.) He asked to see me once a year to monitor my cartilage and joint spacing. He said that he expected it would take quite a while for this to catch up with me, and worst case if no medical advances were made in the next 10-20 years I would probably need a knee replacement. But I’ll hold out for bionic knee action or at a minimum human-animal hybrid cartilage.

This weekend will involve much laziness as well as some home improvement… In an effort to make the condo sellable/showable, and I have a list of tasks we need to take care of over the next few months… But aside from the relatively small project I picked for myself this weekend I intend on vegging out and playing some Quake 4. =)

Ship it.

Went over to hang out with and last night at their place… We went for some delicious burgers at Bartley’s, and then spent the rest of the night (until like 12:40am) working on Mission “Burnout Revenge”. The game is great, Criterion implemented some perfect tweaks to the gameplay and setup that make a great game even more fun. We barely scratched the surface on the game, though, so the mission will have to be resumed at a later day.

On the way over to their place I saw this bumper sticker that I read as “ashington D.C. 2004″… I didn’t see the “W”, so I got up real close to the car to see if it was faded or whatever… I knew some shenanigans were afoot, and after I thought about it for a minute or two I realized the joke: No “W” in Washington… Hehehe… A bit too cerebral for a bumper sticker, but funny nonetheless.

Can anyone recommend some kind of gizmo to keep under my desk here at work that I can roll my feet on as a kind of massage? My feet are still kind of pussied out after barely being used for 2-3 months, and have been getting regularly sore after a normal amount of walking…


What’s new? First of all, Black & White is by far one of the most beautiful, well produced, fun, revolutionary games I have ever played. It definately deserved all the hype it garnered.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon was a good movie, don’t get me wrong, but it is incredibly overrated. I was reluctant to go see it because it was sold as a fighting/kung-fu film. But then many, many, people convinced me that it was poorly advertised and it wasn’t truly a kung-fu movie. Well, those people are simply wrong. It is impossible to truly call this movie anything other than a kung-fu movie. But that doesn’t make it bad, it just isn’t my cup of tea. The fencing/sword scenes were exquisite, some of the best I have ever seen. But, as I suspected, the wire work was as lame as I presumed. It completely breaks the suspension of disbelief, simply because it doesn’t look natural in any form. If humans were able to fly around, I can’t imagine we would do it by flailing our legs back and forth… But whatever…

Crouching Tiger was a fighting movie… Perhaps it was a fighting movie with great acting and direction, and perhaps it was a fighting movie with a slightly larger plot framework than other fighting films (although I don’t think the plot was that strong, but it is still a fighting movie. And again, that doesn’t make it bad… It was a good film, and one of the best movies of the genre I have seen, but it just pisses me off that people tried to sell me on the movie by convincing me it wasn’t a fighting movie.