In case you care…

I am about to resume my calc studying now, and figured I would broadcast what I was listening to to play with SoundPlay’s built-in live streaming…

Point your mp3 player at if you are interested.

Update: You missed it… I needed to reboot, and only one person connected (from Cisco) during the 2 hours I was streaming (and they connected for 90 seconds), so I doubt anyone is upset that they missed it. :)

Late mornings rock.

I slept in way late this morning, but was woken up by a phone call from Chris. That’s ok, there are certain people allowed to wake me up. :)

I haven’t really gotten in swing yet, I need to prepare for Calc later today…. After that, there are a few things I want to tackle in AliveJournal… I am trying to get one little thing done on it every day, since I haven’t many large chunks of unassigned time in the past week or so..

Now, however, I am gonna go grab some chow.

Ok, Let’s Play Pool

Almost time to go off to my Billiards class…. That class is usually relaxing, and I hope it is today as well… I have been getting slowly better at the game, hopefully that will improve as the quarter moves on. This weekend is catching up with me, and I should have really gotten more rest. I am really tired right now, and I still have 2 more classes to go today. :)

I am looking forward to this upcoming visit, since Chuck is going to visit (weather providing). In chem lab I was daydreaming about things to work on for AliveJournal. Last Thursday I spent a decent chunk of time trying to betterify the code I had written for music and moods, and I ran into a brick wall…. I had reverted the code and had just gone with what worked, but I think I am going to give it a second try (I hate letting code beat me.. :P).

Oh glorious weekend, lay thine free time upon me

Spent alot of time working on various things today… I got a bug report for the beta of AliveJournal that I floated yesterday, but I can’t reproduce it for the life of me. I also just noticed that the picture names are being returned alphabetically from the server now, so I have to figure out how to determine which one is the default one….

I am going to wrap up a few loose ends, call Chris and say goodnight, and then go to bed (listening to Huey).


Time for bed…. Today was very productive on many levels… I did well on that quiz (as far as I can tell), I studied for my 2 exams tomorrow, I released a beta of AliveJournal today, which has huge fundamental changes, but not much in the realm of user-visible differences.

Now I am going to wrap up some loose ends, pack up for my early exam, and hit the hay. Nighty-night.


I am just getting ready for my Calc class later, doing some studying and homework type stuff (we might have a quiz today)…

I have so many projects I want to work on, but I need to get some scholastic stuff out of the way first… My guess is that I won’t be working on AliveJournal until later this week… And since soco will probably be visiting this weekend, I might not have much time to do anything this weekend either….. Oh well, I am happy with the current release of AliveJournal, I haven’t gotten a single bug report about it, so I think that other people agree.. Still, I wish I could crank a few other simple requested features out and roll in some general improvements I have made since 1.5b… But y’all will have to wait. :)

Back to summations and series… :)

Just woke up….

That was a fairly refreshing sleep/wake cycle… :) I just finished reading my mail and my journals, and I should probably finish “getting up” now. My only class today is Calc, so I have time to relax and prepare for that…

I have had some good requests for features in AliveJournal, but I think I have currently resolved to stop using BeXL… I think it is a great tool for designing your GUI and laying out your widgets, but I think once you start writing derived GUI classes, it is too much of a pain to use them with BeXL. You either have to dance around BeXL, editing the source it generates each time it generates it, or write an addon for BeXL, which is a pain when you just need a one-off derived view…

What happens when you are writing a journal entry and the song changes halfway thru? Do you go with the earlier song, the later song, or the song that most accurately represents your feelings? I chose the latter. :)

Sleep is good.

That was a pretty decent sleep cycle… :) It took awhile falling asleep… I spent awhile second guessing decisions yesterday, but I resolved it all and fell asleep. Today I think I should do some laundry. I don’t know what else I am going to work on after that.. I have some things I want to work on with AliveJournal, different features and what-not, but we will see. I need to do an About Box for various reasons, and I have to do one up that isn’t fugly.

I haven’t taken a shower yet… Normally this bothers me, but I think right now it contributes to the “lazing around the house” mood I am in today. I will probably take on after I toss the laundry in…