Another shot of the finished shelves

Corinna just put the finishing touches on our big project for last weekend. We built some open cabinets/shelves from scratch for a space in our kitchen. Our goal was to make them look like they fit in with the existing work in the apartment, and I believe we were successful. Check out this set over on Flickr to see the project from start to finish.


This weekend was hectic…. Friday night and I met up with her friend Lisa who was in town for a conference. She invited us to a grill party in Allston. Lots of standing, so my leg was a little barky, but it was a great time.

Saturday we spent most of the day cleaning the apartment, and I worked on fixing the PC, which had a under volt on the power supply’s 3.3v rail. I replaced the supply, but the crashing persisted.. It seems now that the video card is overheating, so I turned down the settings on the game I was playing and it seemed to improve the sitchmo. I guess ultimately it will need to be replaced, but that’d require a PCI Express motherboard, so it will have to wait.

Today we continued cleaning, in preparation for Coco’s parents’ visit this week. After cleaning ended, we went over to ‘s family’s pool for a quick bit of swimming and grilling before racing back to Harvard Square to see Sir, No Sir! with the film club.


The CFO approved my purchase order for a new air conditioner for the living room a few weeks ago. This weekend I was sitting on the couch like a vegetable this weekend when it turned itself on. I mustered up the energy to get up off the couch and see what was going on. I stared at the thing for about 5 minutes, unable to figure out what was going on and fearing that I’d have to remove it from the window and return it to Target. Finally, I figured out that the stupid remote control that came with the A/C was using the same signal for “Power” as the “Select” button on the Tivo remote. I laughed for about 10 minutes straight, and eventually covered the IR receiver on the A/C with some electrical tape.

Who actually needs a remote on their A/C? I have never had to adjust my A/C so much that I felt a remote was in order. As Ron Popeil says, Just set it, and forget it!

I almost forgot to mention

When mom was here this weekend I got a rack for my CDs and DVDs. I originally left off one shelf because I thought there wasn’t enough room, but I figured out a configuration that gave me room for 5 CD-height shelves and 3 DVD-height shelves. So now I have almost one empty shelf for CDs and half an empty DVD shelf. I need to borrow someone’s digital camera to take some pictures of my apartment.