Had a lot of fun at the Nine Inch Nails show last night… It was great to FINALLY see our hometown heroes, The Dresden Dolls… I’ve held tickets to see them on like 4 occasions but something has always come up (except once when I simply forgot about the show altogether). The dolls rocked, although they played too many covers, imho… I was actually concerned because I’ve heard a few live recordings of their stuff which didn’t do much for me, but they really rocked out last night..

Nine Inch Nails put on a good show, but I am still not completely sold on the new material. It’s not bad, don’t get me wrong, but it’s also not great. Fortunately the venue was a theatre with seats, so I was able to sit when standing on one leg got too tiring… I really shredded myself physically last night, though.. I’m staying home today as I can barely move and I am catching ‘s code.

On the train ride home last night I sat next to this guy that was talking to his friend about how he was teaching a class and he told the class to go to a Wikipedia page and add something appropriate to it. The next day he took them back and they looked to see if their changes survived.. Then he said he took them to the entry on the Broadcast Flag, because it was the day or day after the court shot it down, and showed them how current the Wikipedia can be.

He kept talking and eventually I butted in and said to him “Is this a High School class, because it sounds like it’d be a lot of fun”. He replied and said he was a high-school CS teacher.. We started talking about how much the curricula has changed since I was in HS (when I learned Pascal on an IBM XT), and he told me that he teaches Python because it’s pretty easy to cut your teeth on but is also a very practical language. We just discussed his class until his stop arrived, but it was a very cool conversation. I’ve said for some time that I’d like to teach HS computers at some point, and this really just reinforced this notion..

Rewinding a bit, on Wednesday I attended the BMac meeting. User Group meetings are always hit-or-miss, but having been nearly trapped in the apartment for two months straight, I’m trying to take advantage of my liberation any way I can… :) It was actually a good meeting, and unlike the previous ones I’ve attended, now I have my Powerbook, so if I get bored I can goof off on that.

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  1. I really shredded myself physically last night, though.. I’m staying home today as I can barely move and I am catching [info]coco_b’s code.

    What, she’s infecting you with the GPL?

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